Raising the drinking age

Beyond education programs, there has to be a supportive environment. By mid, all 50 states and the District of Columbia had raised their purchase ages to 21 but not Puerto Rico, Guam, or the Virgin Islands, see Additional Notes below.

During the height of the Vietnam War, 18 was your ticket to a six-pack. They also note that the age for handgun purchase is 21 as well, and to rent a car is This question is making its rounds and is a legitimate question to ask.

You make alcohol available on Sundays and people buy more, drink more, and the negative consequences go up. Miscarriage due to shutoff of oxygen to the baby, greater risk of premature birth, smaller heads and brains, defects to hearts, kidneys, brains, arms or legs.

Most likely there will be. What more can be done to educate students? While seeing the number of accidents among younger drivers drop helped solve a significant problem, many experts feel that the law may have made drinking more appealing to those under the age of After all, when alcohol or drugs are used during pregnancy, the effects on a rapidly growing baby can be severe.

Therefore, while parental history clearly contributes to the risk for developing alcoholism, likely a reflection of genetic risk factors, early initiation of drinking is also an important predictor of risk for alcoholism.

There was a case where underage binge drinking was taking place in a home, and the parents threw all of the kids out instead of letting them stay for the night because they were obviously intoxicated.

It only seems to make sense. No matter what the legal drinking as is, young people should be informed what the risks are. You have to have very clear policies that are firmly, consistently, and strictly enforced. Brown is not among them. What future does a kid that drops out of high school have?

Such a person does not understand the consequences of their actions because they have not lived long enough to understand and lack the proper perspective. InCongress passed legislation that would withhold federal highway construction funds from any state that had not adopted a minimum legal drinking age of Women turn out in large numbers for the anti-Prohibition parade and demonstration in Newark, N.

However, many young people continued to drink and drink heavily. Once the minimal legal age for military service and voting was lowered to 18, this set up a real problem with governmental hypocrisy. Studies conducted at the time showed that youth traffic crashes increased as states lowered their MLDA.

For additional information contact: While the dangers of drinking and driving are typically minimized within the college environment, the problem of binge drinking is on the rise and causing college students some serious issues.

Alcohol also plays a significant role in risky sexual behavior and increases the risk of physical and sexual assault. Disrespect for authority can happen with the enforcement of any law that people are not uniformly behind. Information about alcohol abuse treatment and support at Student Health Services can be found here.

The drinking is the piece that jumped out. Photo by Ian Sutherland Professor DeJong, clearly binge drinking is a problem on college campuses under the current law.

There may not be overwhelming support for it among people who are 18 to 20, but U. Researchers then began looking at the impact in those states that had switched to 21 as they came online, and you could immediately see the benefits in reduced traffic fatalities.

U.S. Legal Drinking Age Raised to 25?

Deeply embedded in American culture, underage drinking is still viewed by many as a rite of passage into adulthood. There are still 3 states in the US that do not treat the age of 18 as the age of majority. Effects such as the following are possible: In fact, during the late s and early s, many States lowered the legal drinking age from 21 to raising the drinking age By: Daniel Duffy, Principal Analyst You asked for a statement of the arguments offered in public hearings and legislative debate to raise the drinking age from 18 to.

Apr 24,  · So going on those statistics, raising the legal age will only make things worse i.e. more illegal drinkers.

It's good that they look at the United States and it's success with drunk driving (21 y/o drinking age and stiffer DUI laws). Essay The Driving Age Need For The Age Of The driving age need to be raised to the age of So that people can be somewhat safe on the highways, also young people causes wrecks because they think it’s good to show off with their friends and drinking and driving as well.

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Proposed amendments to the National Liquor Act are now open for public comment, including raising the age of drinking to One way to strengthen specifically the paragraph about the correlation between underage drinking and increased drunk driving accidents would be to find statistics of drunk driving in the year old range in countries where the drinking age was lower.

Mar 03,  · It's common among high school and college students in the U.S. to complain about the drinking age being higher than other countries. But should we actually lower the drinking age?

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Raising the drinking age
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