Hitler and genetic engineering

And the focus ultimately shifted to the creation of a system to preserve the sperm and the eggs. All I would ask for myself — referring to the above comment: Yet one can't help noticing that whoever happens to "lead" the Russian Federation in years to come will not be able to do so without the approval of much more powerful men pulling the strings behind the scenes.

It is only our eons old history as creatures developing under parental nurturance, living in social groups with close kin, and nurturing our young that gives us the capacity for anything other than cold indifference, or ruthless selfishness. Hitler grew more fearful of the gray aliens because they were not giving him the support that he expected.

All African countries have standing armies. Insertion of the human insulin gene into bacteria was accomplished by the pioneer genetic engineering company Genentech. For example, a human gene can be inserted into a bacterium or a bacterial gene into a plant.

So much so that the world did not realize what was occurring. It has been embraced by a gamut a different individuals throughout history. Our primate tendencies toward xenophobia, territorial defense and unrelenting hostility amplified by giant brains and cultural legacy have wrecked great havoc.

Hitler's Dreams Of Racial Purity

But one of the main problems is not mentioned: They did not mind seeing the people, who led the good life and ate more than enough, taken away out of their midst. Josef Mengele During World War II, concentration camp prisoners endured horrific medical tests under the guise of helping Hitler create the perfect race.

This was the beginning of his rise to power. SCID patients prior to gene treatment had to live inside sanitized plastic bubbles.

Nazi eugenics

Jurassic Park fantasies notwithstanding, scientists are currently unable to create a whole new organism starting solely with a test tube full of nucleotides. The nature of this experimentation was crude and quite inhumane. The down trodden German people were too willing to follow anyone who offered to feed them, which they were starving, and regain their pride, in which the Germanic population is a very proud people.

Elon Musk Won’t Go Into Genetic Engineering Because of ‘The Hitler Problem’

Rumors about a Jewish granddad were spread by his enemies, both within the Nazi movement and without, to damage his standing among his followers.

Genetically engineered products are often identified by the prefix r, for "recombinant.

Gene Expression

In some cases, health care for living children was denied unless their mothers agreed to sterilization. Thirty-three states would eventually allow involuntary sterilization in whomever lawmakers deemed unworthy to procreate. In earlya 9 year-old girl with SCID deficiency was also treated with the same gene therapy.


By the end of the Nazi regime, over Hereditary Health Courts Erbgesundheitsgerichte were created, and under their rulings overpersons were sterilized against their will. The principals were similar and are in use by the gray aliens today. For sure, certain populations may have genetic traits in common, but we cannot use this information to leap to conclusions.

Eugenics in America In the late 19th century, Galton—whose cousin was Charles Darwin —hoped to better humankind through the propagation of the British elite. Eugenics is a very old idea, dating back to Plato and even earlier.Elon Musk doesn’t want to get into genetic engineering because he doesn’t know how to avoid 'the Hitler problem'.

Hitler’s ‘master race’ children haunted by their past. by Russell Grigg.

Elon Musk Won’t Go Into Genetic Engineering Because of ‘The Hitler Problem’

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Richard Freimark. Between andthere were born some 10, children in Germany and an estimated 9, in Norway as part of a Nazi genetic engineering plan to build up an Aryan ‘master-race’ or super-breed of.

Biotech Elon Musk Won’t Go Into Genetic Engineering Because of “The Hitler Problem Here's the thing: a genetic clone of Hitler who was raised in a society capable of cloning Hitler would probably be a fairly well rounded individual, except for the fact that he would grow up knowing he was a clone of Hitler.

Adolf Hitler Watercolour Painting to Be Auctioned for $60, Swiss Company Accidentally Prints Image of Adolf Hitler on Creamers Genetic Engineering: Synthetic Milk May Be Next After Synthetic Meat.

article Elon Musk Won’t Go Into Genetic Engineering Because of “The Hitler Problem” (agronumericus.com) submitted 3 years ago by IndyBrodaSolo comments. One can't begin to fathom what might have occurred if Hitler had been able to exploit the results of genetic engineering to serve his barbaric purposes.

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Hitler and genetic engineering
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