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This includes various salads and cold appetizers, such as pate, cheese spreads, or even tartars. Individuals interested in a culinary career may opt to focus on a variety of chef positions, including the role of executive chef, sous chef or line Chef career.

Individuals interested in a starting level career may go through a nine- to month training program and graduate with a certificate in culinary arts.

What does a Culinary Chef do? Senior Chef directs the prep work of kitchen staff and assistant cooks in his or her area. In some cases this is modified to 'day-release' courses; a chef will work full-time in a kitchen as an apprentice and then would have allocated days off to attend catering college.

Larger establishments, on the other hand, may add additional stations in order to further distinguish some of the individual specializations within each larger station.

The American Culinary Federation certifies personal chefs, in addition to various levels of chefs, such as certified sous chefs or certified executive chefs. Training Some chefs and head cooks train on the job, where they learn the same skills as in a formal education program. Once you become a certified chef, you can still work your way up.

Most chefs have some specialty or preferred area of work, though it may take time for a chef to settle into a particular niche. With hard work, a passion for cooking and a little education, chefs and cooks can choose almost any food service career path they like.

Chef Jobs, Training, and Career Paths

According to the U. These courses can last between one and three years. Your day-to-day tasks will vary with your role, but may include: Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Individuals who aspire for executive or sous chef positions may benefit from more exhaustive training, which typically takes 24 to 48 months and includes internship experience.

Amusement, gambling, and recreation industries 6 Chefs and head cooks work in restaurants, hotels, private households, and other food service establishments. Certification standards are based primarily on work-related experience and formal training.

What does a Culinary Chef do?

This is typically done with a variety of decorative vegetables and other food items, particularly when they are carved or molded into unique and artistic designs.

Executive chefs, head cooks, and sous chefs who work in upscale restaurants often have many years of training and experience.

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If wound dressings are required they should be blue—an unusual colour for foodstuffs—so that they are noticeable if they fall into food.PM Hotel Group is a top 25, leading hotel management company.

We manage nearly 40 hotels and development projects comprised of more than 9, rooms throughout coast to coast. At Google, we don’t just accept difference—we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our products, and our community.

Google is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer. A chef is a culinary worker who cooks and creates meals and dishes for a restaurant or similar food establishment. A chef may also assist with various managerial and administrative tasks involved with operating a restaurant.

Personal Chef Career Personal chefs prepare menus for individuals and their families, purchase the ingredients for the meals, then cook, package, and store the meals in the clients’ own kitchens. Approximately 9, personal chefs work across the United States and Canada. Restaurant Chef Career Education Info.

Working as a restaurant chef requires some formal education. Learn about the education, job duties and requirements to see if.

The Sous Chef is responsible for ensuring the overall success of the crewmembers through consistent training, guidance, and on-going development.

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Chef career
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